Fully Insure Double Crop Soybeans with TMA

Insure full season soybeans by March 15 with a TMA crop insurance specialist to create the opportunity to insure double crop soybeans through the federal program.

Available in select counties (east of Reno County)

  • Must have 3 years of planted history 
  • Provide all planted acres and production Follows soybean/milo unit structure selected on MPCI policy
  • Increases revenue guarantee

2018 stats from TMA producers

  • Average cost per acre: $13.08
  • Average yield: 26.05
  • Average revenue guarantee: $200.61

Crops available

  • Soybeans in all counties east of Reno County
  • Grain sorghum in counties south of Harvey County and Butler County 

In order to get a written agreement for double crop soybeans through TMA, full season soybeans must be insured through TMA.

To start the process to insure your double crop soybeans, contact your TMA crop insurance specialist or 620-386-4752.