Grain Marketing

Profit vs. Price Mentality

Our whole farm approach to risk management focuses on maximizing your revenue potential. We do this by customizing marketing plans that evaluate your crop inputs, crop insurance and grain marketing variables. Our focus is on executing a plan based on your entire farm, not the price of a specific commodity.


We allow flexibility in delivery points, contracting operations, farming plans and more. We understand each farming operation and customer is different that is why we feel it is important to allow changes in order to fit your changing needs. 

Forward Contracting

We believe locking in profitable levels is essential to executing a successful marketing plan. Our forward contract offerings allow producers to take advantage of opportunities in the market through a variety of traditional and modern marketing alternatives.

Grain Marketing Division

Producer Ag operates one of the most progressive and comprehensive producer risk management programs in the industry. Our Grain Marketing Specialists have the expertise and knowledge to provide grain marketing alternatives that revolve around managing revenue on a per acre basis.

Producer Ag’s approach to grain marketing is to bring services directly to your kitchen table on a regular basis to customize your risk management plan. Producer Ag is known for developing flexible grain marketing and deliver plans that truly fit the needs of our producers.



Producer Ag believes in helping producers manage their risk by combining educated crop insurance decisions with customized grain marketing strategies. In order to manage risk in the constantly changing market, field marketers must look at each and every farm individually to create a profitable risk management plan personalized to each producer.