Introducing The TMA Premium Grain Program

Sep 03, 2019

TMA Premium Grain Program
TMA is excited to announce a new premium wheat contract for the 2020 growing year. The TMA Premium Grain Program will allow producers who purchase an approved variety of certified seed wheat from a TMA member and deliver to a specific location to receive a $0.10 per bushel premium for their grain.
“TMA is excited to partner with a local processor to bring a sustainability solution to our members,” says Ted Schultz, TMA chief operating officer. “This program would incent producers to grow certified varieties that meet our end-users needs.”
The program requires producers to purchase approved certified seed from a TMA member, provide proof of seed wheat purchase, complete a premium grain contract and survey, and deliver to a pre-approved location.
Producers participating in the program will receive the posted price for the location plus the premium if they qualify. All acres will need to be enrolled in the program by December 1. Each location will have limited space allocated to the program and will be available to producers on a first come/first serve basis.
The locations approved for the Premium Grain Program are: Abilene, Bushton, CG&S Canton, Marlin Street “McPherson”, Newton, and Patterson. The approved wheat varieties are: Bob Dole, Double Stop CL+, Gallagher, LCS Mint, Smith Gold, SY Monument, Ruby Lee, and TAM114.
To apply for the program, producers will need to sign and complete the required documents. Click here to access the 2020 TMA Premium Grain Program Contract. Email completed documents to

For additional information, please contact Devin Schierling at or (620) 747-0802.

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